PRN-ECH Negotiations

Tentative Agreement Contract Summary

3-Year Term (March 28, 2016 - June 30, 2019)


PRN Membership Contract Information Meetings

Tuesday, October 26, 2016



Base Wages: 10% over the life of the contract across the board.

3% Wage increase retroactive to March 28, 2016 for all hours worked, effective within 30 days of ratification, and no later than pay period beginning December 4, 2016.

Year 1: 3% increase (effective pay period November 20, 2016);  

Year 2: 3% increase (first full pay period following April 1, 2017);  

Year 3: 4% increase (pay period beginning May 20, 2018).


Differentials - New Changes

Night Shift: 20% of base rate - Maintained status quo.

Weekends: 10% of base rate - Maintained status quo.


Health Care Benefits

Maintained 100% employer-paid coverage for RNs .5FTE and above of the lowest cost option premium for the RN, RN and spouse or registered domestic partner, RN and child or child of registered domestic partner, and RN and family (including registered domestic partner and child[ren] of registered domestic partner).


Dental and Vision Benefits

Maintained 100% employer-paid coverage for RNs .5FTE and above for Dental and Vision care benefits for RNs and dependents.


Improved Retirement Benefits:

Extended Sick Leave Cash-Out

Nurses who have 20 years of service will be eligible to Cash-out 50% of their extended leave sick leave bank upon termination of their employment with the Hospital:

Year 1 and Year 2 of the Contract - RNs at least 60 years of age.  Year 3 of the Contract: RNs at least 55 years of age.  Except in 2016, RNs must provide 3 months' advanced notice. No less than one nurse per department, per quarter, per shift will be approved for ESL Cash-out, based on operational needs.  A greater number of RNs may be approved in a quarter based on staffing needs.

Health Benefits and Limited Contract Reopener


PRN Option to Reopen Contract for Year 3: PRN has option to reopen the Contract to negotiate over proposed health plan language changes and over the wage increase in Year 3.  By December 1, 2017, the Hospital will provide notice to PRN of proposed modifications to health plan language, which would be effective beginning January 1, 2019, and which will also reopen negotiations to increase the Year 3 wage increase.  If no agreement is reached by March 31, 2018, the discussions will end, and no changes will be made.


Dependents that Have Health Coverage Elsewhere

Spousal/Dependent Buyout Offered in 2016: The Hospital will offer spouse/dependent buyout in the 2016 open enrollment for the 2017 plan year.

No Duplicate Coverage for Spouse: Starting in the 2018 plan year, spouse and dependents will not be covered by the Hospital health care coverage if they are covered under another health insurance policy elsewhere ("dual coverage").  


Certification Reimbursement

Hospital will reimburse RNs for the cost of the exam and up to two (2) work-related certifications or recertifications for up to $500 each.

Other Differentials

Evening Shift: 10% of base rate.

Charge Nurse: 5% for all RNs, maintaining charge nurse pay for NUCs, when assigned

“charge” responsibilities.

Code 75

Extra Work: 1.35 times RNs base hourly wage rate.  May be waived voluntarily at

option of RN.  Hospital cannot condition an offer of work based on Nurse's agreement to waive premium pay.


Maintained 100% of paid holidays and premiums.


A minimum of one (1) RN per day per shift will be granted vacation.

Other Compensation

On Call/Call-In

For unit specific guidelines, refer to PCSS.

Call In - at ratification, compensation for Call In to be paid at one and three quarters (1.75) times the RN's base hourly rate.  One year after ratification, Call In to be paid at one and a half (1.5) times RN's hourly rate.

Rest Between Shifts:

12-hour Shifts: 1.5 times hourly rate premium paid for all hours if unscheduled return in less than 11.5 hours.

Reporting for Work, Hospital Convenience (HCs), Scheduling

Notification to the RN

An RN may designate in advance her/his preferred notification method (such as text message or call to her/his mobile telephone).  If RN so designates, the Hospital must attempt to notify the RN through the RN's selected notification method.

HC Pilot - HC Call Notice 90 Minutes Prior to Shift

Pilot project created, in mutually agreed-upon units, where RNs will receive an HC notice of ninety (90) minutes prior to the start of her/his shift.  The effects of the change on staffing from extending the notification period to 90 minutes will be reviewed and evaluated monthly with PRN.  At the end of the HC Pilot period, it will be determined if reasonable notice will be changed to 90 minutes remain l hour.  

HC issued prior to the start of a shift must be in an increment of four (4) or more hours, unless otherwise requested by the RN.  Exception: shorter-duration cancellations based on next day's outpatient appointments will continue in the Infusion Center, Cancer Center, and Radiation Oncology.

Daily Cancellations

In the order of HCs, travelers must now be cancelled before per diem, part-time or full-time RNs.

Meeting Attendance - Remote Participation

When feasible, RNs will be offered the ability to participate remotely (via telephone or videoconference) in meetings that occur outside their scheduled work hours.  Meetings include Staff Meetings, Unit or Central Partnership Council, and other hospital committees.


Patient Care Protections and Professional Nursing Practice

PRN-ECH Leadership Committee

Goal: Promote, develop and enhance the profession of nursing through this newly expanded PRN Committee with the Hospital.

Responsibilities related to patient care protections and professional nursing practice include:

  • Promoting a Culture of Safety;

  • Staffing Issues (including assignment despite objection (ADO), misses meal and rest periods, and HCs);

  • Specialty Changes - Annually, by February 28, beginning in 2017, the Hospital will complete an assessment to determine Nurses' desire to change specialties and for unit specific advancement and the Hospital's organizational needs.


Education Leave

Education Leave (EL) may be used, at the request of the RN, to cover HC or a day off.  Documentation of the CEs taken to be provide to the manager/designee by the end of the pay period in which the EL was taken.  Maintained accrual of paid EL hours.

Work-Related Education

Mandatory Education or Training Programs - When a mandatory education or training program conducted by the Hospital is shorter than originally scheduled, RN has the option to either:

  • leave at the end of the class and only charge actual time spent in class, or

  • perform other compensated work (including HealthStream training and email review) for the remainder of the originally scheduled training time.


Re-certification and Study Time - RNs required by the Hospital to re-certify in PALS, ACLS, and NRP may be compensated for study hours, in addition to time they spending attending class and taking the test, up to a maximum equal to one-half (1/2) of the scheduled class/testing time, coded to EDU.  For example, if a re-certification class (including testing time) takes 8 hours, RN may be compensated for up to 4 additional hours of study time.  If required, additional study time may be charged to EL.


Clinical Ladder

An RN will keep CN III status if the qualifying National Certification is removed from the Units approved list, but the RN needs to maintain the qualifications for the certification.


Posting and Filling Vacancies - Transfers

For RNs who transfer into a new position, the 180 day waiting period before she/he can transfer to another position will be waived if the RN is requesting a transfer into a position in the same cost center.  

Change in Work Status

A Per Diem 1 RN who works the hours of a Per Diem 2, equivalent to 64 hours in a 4-weeks schedule over a period of one year, will be offered a Per Diem 2 position, which will include the weekend requirement for the position.


Other Provisions

Per Diem Availability

Newly hired Per Diems or RNs transferring into a Per Diem position after the ratification of the Contract will be required to provide the Hospital with availability that exceeds their commitment by one (1) shift.  (Example: 40 hours of availability instead of 32 hours for 8 hour Per Diem RNs, and four (4) 12-hour shifts instead of three (3) 12-hour shifts for 12-hour shift Per Diem RNs.)


Enterprise Assignments, Floating, and Cross-Campus Floating

  • The Hospital may post positions that require an RN, as needed, to accept work assignments across departments or El Camino Hospital campuses/locations within a 15-mile radius.

  • Nurses hired as Per Diems or who transfer into a Per Diem position, and new hires into the Patient Care Resources Department (Float Pool)  after the date of the ratification of the Contract may be required to float between campuses.

  • For Nurses in the Patient Care Resources Department, nurses employed on or prior to the ratification date of the Contract will not be floated cross-campus unless all other Nurses in the Department hired after that date who are competent and available have been floated first.

  • Floating to other departments and campuses will be pre-scheduled to the greatest extent possible.

  • Appropriate Training will be provided for RNs to perform this work safely and effectively.

  • Accommodation of Employees - the Hospital will make its best efforts to reasonably accommodate RNs for whom floating to another campus creates a personal hardship.

  • A Nurse at Step 9 will not be floated to another unit unless all other lower-step RNs available and competent to float have been assigned to float.

  • PRN will monitor the process and assignments under this Article.  Mediator John Kagel will be permanently assigned to review any concerns raised by PRN regarding the process and Hospital assignments of floating in these new provisions.


PTO/Extended Sick Leave

PTO will no longer accrue on ESL hours.

Relief RN and Occasional RN

After the voluntary departure of all RNs who are Relief RNs and Occasional RNs, at the time when the Contract is ratified, the positions of  Relief RN Occasional RN will be sun-setted, and will no longer exist.

Provisional Period

Eliminate extension of probation for additional sixty days.  

Protecting Nurses' Rights

Discipline - Verbal counseling is NOT part of the formal disciplinary process.

Informal Conflict Resolution and Grievance Procedure - Maintained no limit on backpay and monetary awards for RNs who were not are properly paid by the Hospital and, as a result, lost wages.

Leaves of Absence - Maintained full amount of time allotted to an RN for a leave of absence.

Time and Attendance

Maintained contract provision that progressive disciplinary process will not apply before an additional 4th occurrence of absenteeism within a subsequent rolling 90-day period.

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