PRN Officers

President and Chief Negotiator: Jean Christen,RN

Vice President: Danielle Herbst, RN

Secretary: Judy Hannah, RN

Treasurer: Nina Rovai

Chief Unit Representative, MV: Olga Londa

Chief Unit Representative, LG: Catherine Walke, RN

Nurse Advocate: Sarah Marie Vargas, RN

PRN Unit Representatives


PCU: No Rep

Emergency Department (ED): Courtney White

Telemetry/Stoke, 3C: Tammy de Leon

Telemetry, 3B: Christianne Macleod

Surgical, 4A: 

Medical/Surgical/Oncology, 4B: Rolando Roman

Medical, 2C: Julia Valencia

Operating Room: Blanka Singer

PACU: Kimsa Luong

Endoscopy:Jodi Ford

Pre-Op/Short Stay, 2B: No Rep

Mother-Baby Unit:

NICU: Kelly Katolin

L&D: Debra Terry

Maternal Connections: No Rep

Behavioral Health: Mary Russo

In-patient Dialysis: No Rep

Radiology: Terry Barnes and Theresa Mravca

Interventional Services/Cath Lab: Karen Hewitt

Infusion Center: 

Patient Care Resources: Nina Rovai

HVI and Advanced Practice Nurses: Lynn Taylor

CCU: No Rep

CPW: No Rep


Emergency Department (ED): Jeremy Bruce

ENDO/Radiology: Simon Rees 

ICU: Catharine Walke

Medical-Surgical: Rachel Dick

Ortho Pavilion: Derrick Cosca

Inpatient Rehabilitation: Bridget Samano

L&D:  No Rep

Mother-Baby Unit: Norma Montego-Perez

Level II Nursery (NICU): Mary Turley

OR: Maria Pavlov

PACU: Linda Bianconi-DeRosa

Outpatient/Short Stay: Melanie Weinstock


Updated: August 2017